Inside the new hardcover edition of The Hunter


As you may not be aware because I did not give it nearly the coverage I should have, Darwyn Cooke and IDW Publishing have launched a companion line to their highly successful line of comic book adaptations of the Parker novels. They will be reprinting the original Richard Stark novels, each with […]

News for week ending 2014-07-20 (open thread)

A new Parker blog, That Bastard Parker, just getting off the ground. Read along to The Hunter!: John Nolte at Big Hollywood–Parker pastiche The Limey better than Bronson’s Death Wish. I agree: …

Added to the cover gallery: The Black Ice Score, 1972 Coronet edition

I’ve occasionally been awful about posting covers that readers have sent me.

OK, I’ve been worse than awful. This one is from four years ago from longtime reader Matthew A., just stumbled across in my inbox.

But it’s here now, and added to the cover gallery for?The Black Ice Score.

The real treat here […]

Hard Case Crime review: Grave Descend by John Lange (AKA Michael Crichton) (#26/MC7)


But there’s something strange about the wreck of the luxury yacht GRAVE DESCEND. No one who was aboard tells quite the same story about what happened. And then there’s the matter of the mysterious cargo they wre carrying…

In one of the […]

News for half-year ending 2014-07-12 (open thread)

Hello, folks!

The Twitter Digest plugin I had been using for this weekly roundup broke back in January. I have spent hours trying to get it going again and trying to find an alternative, but I couldn’t and I didn’t. This is a bummer, because it was easy content and I know people enjoyed […]