Westlake nonfiction anthology The Getaway Car, table of contents revealed

NB: A version of this post also appears at Existential Ennui.

With Trent currently otherwise engaged—literally—it falls to me to provide an update on the Donald E. Westlake non-fiction anthology Trent and I blogged about back in April of last year. Edited by University of Chicago Press’ Levi Stahl, and due […]

Westlake Score: Nobody’s Perfect

NB: This post also appears at Existential Ennui.

This next Westlake Score is again a 1970s British Hodder & Stoughton first edition of a Donald E. Westlake crime caper, again bearing a Mark Wilkinson-designed dust jacket, which I’ve again added to the Existential Ennui British Thriller Book Cover Design of the […]

Hello! How are you?

Dear readers:

Apologies for the lack of content lately. Nick has chimed in on occasion, for which I’m very grateful, but I haven’t done a damn thing in a couple of months, including reading and replying to e-mail. (I knocked out a bunch of that yesterday and today. Again, apologies.)

As regular readers know, […]

Westlake Score: A New York Dance

NB: a version of this post also appears at Existential Ennui.

It’s been a little quiet here at The Violent World of Parker blog of late, at least half of the blame for which rests with me: I am, after all, supposed to be (esteemed) co-blogger over here. Fortunately I have […]