U of C reprints: Firebreak

Firebreak will be the last University of Chicago Parker reprint for awhile, though we do have the Grofield reprints to look forward to next Spring.

The reason we can’t get a nice matching set of all the Parker novels on our bookshelves quite yet is that Breakout through Ask the Parrot are still […]

U of C reprints: Flashfire

Flashfire hits bookstores just as the movie based on it commences filming. The introduction for this and Firebreak are by critic and biographer Terry Teachout, who has been promoting the Parker novels for as long as I can remember. I’m hoping he’ll decide to do a Donald Westlake biography one of these days.


The return of Alan Grofield

Ever since I started this site back in the olden days, I’ve gotten one question over and over again: Is anyone going to reprint the Grofield books? (If you’re not familiar with Parker’s occasional partner Alan Grofield, you can find out more by going here and clicking the links.)

And the answer […]

Statham 101: Can he pull off Parker?

Since the news of the upcoming Parker film (and possible franchise) broke, several people have asked me what I thought of Jason Statham in the part.

I didn’t have much of an opinion. As previously noted, my only experience with Statham was in Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, both of […]

News for week ending 2011-07-23

Friend of the site Matthew Asprey interviews pulp-reprint publisher Matthew Moring of Altus Press about POD books. http://t.co/CIdZjTa # Deadline: Tom Cruise to play Jack Reacher. Seriously? http://t.co/vw7vfFg # A producer on the new Parker flick and longtime friend of DEW tells me that Statham is in love with the character and lined […]

Lawrence Block’s Deadly Honeymoon

I’m going to quote quite liberally from this post at Lawrence Block’s new blog. Fortunately he did me the courtesy of creating a nice, long piece, so my significant chunk of borrowed words should fall under fair use. Thanks, Mr. Block!

It wasn’t my idea.

The premise of Deadly […]

The Parker movie–what we know

There’s been a lot of news about the upcoming Parker movie over the past couple of months. I’ve broken a little of it here, but most of it I get the same way everyone else does–through (sometimes conflicting) press accounts. Now I see everything (well, most things) written about it because it’s my […]

News for week ending 2011-07-16

More casting news for the upcoming Parker movie: http://t.co/qdLtmwc # In search of POINT BLANK, Pt. 1 http://t.co/tjn5DZP # Michael Chiklis joins the cast of the Parker movie. http://t.co/P1KFjMh # "Word is that the John J. McLaughlin script jumps off from a number of Stark’s novels to create a new story." http://t.co/dKgWIQn # […]

Parker news from France (Updated!)

I have been terribly remiss in sharing this news from Miroslav, a French reader who continues to send me great stuff even though I seem to take forever to post it. But as I’ve said before, nothing that is e-mailed to me is forgotten. I’ve got lots of great cover scans and other […]

Coming from Hard Case Crime: Robert Silverberg’s Blood on the Mink

The latest news from Hard Case Crime.

Hard Case Crime has published books by a number Mystery Writers of America ‘Grand Masters’ over the years — Lawrence Block, Donald Westlake, Mickey Spillane, Ed McBain, Stephen King — but in 2012 we’re going to add to this illustrious list a Grand Master from the […]