Lawrence Block’s trilogy of Parker forewords

Today, Mulholland Books posted Lawrence Block’s foreword to the University of Chicago Press edition of Butcher’s Moon. This means that all three of Block’s forewords, which form a trilogy of sorts, are now available for reading online.

The foreword to Butcher’s Moon, titled to make it more article-like “Canarsie and Westlake, […]

News for week ending 2011-06-25

Elizabeth A. White presents Swierczynski week: # Levi Stahl at I've Been Reading Lately makes an exciting discovery in Donald Westlake's novel The Hook: # Deadline has some news on the Parker movie project. # J-Lo rumored in talks to join Parker film cast. Well, she was good in Out […]

Kitteh loves crime

Recently, I acquired two huge bookshelves, which I’ve designated the crime fiction shelves. I’ve been stocking them as I dig through boxes of books and sort out what I want to keep and what I want to (well, not always want to, but should) give away.

The shelves are not my only recent […]

Lawrence Block’s introduction to U of C Press’ Backflash

I know some people skip introductions, forewords, afterwords, &c. Not me. I love ’em. There are several posted on this site, and every single one of them is interesting.

Of course, on this site I can only post forewords and so on from out-of-print editions, usually long-out-of-print editions, and even then I’m walking a fine line. (I’ve gotten permission for some, and I’m happy to report that to date no one’s complained about the others.) I’ve never printed a foreword from an in-print edition until now.

Fortunately, the University of Chicago Press and Lawrence Block have been kind enough to grant me permission to post Mr. Block’s foreword to Backflash, one of three he wrote for the latest batch of Parker reprints. If you haven’t picked up one of U of C’s reprints yet, the material below the fold will give you a good idea of what you’re missing. Enjoy.

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News for week ending 2011-06-18

The LA Noire tie-in promotional book, featuring short stories by some great authors, is free for Kindle. # Lawrence Block's great noir novel The Girl with the Long Green Heart is only 99¢ for Kindle for just a few more hours: # Wallace Stroby–The Golden Age of Movie Tie-ins: […]

1994 Westlake TV interview

Donald Westlake’s son Paul dropped this in the comments, but it’s worthy of a post of its own.

I’ll let Paul tell you about it (slightly edited–you can read the original thread here).

It’s from 1994 but I don’t have any more info. The only thing I remember that was written […]

News for week ending 2011-06-11

Ethan Iverson–Lawrence Block's blind taste test: # Enter #jiam2011 at Iambik for 50% off audio books in June. They have some great stuff, including Hard Case Crime titles: #


I’m embarrassed to say that, until now, I hadn’t read a Charles Willeford book. I own a few, but had never quite gotten around to them.

The good folks at PictureBox were kind enough to send me their new edition of Willeford’s Cockfighter. I nearly gasped when I opened the packaging–without knowing a […]

News for week ending 2011-06-04

Part two of Nick Jones' series on Donald Westlake's science fiction: # More Nick Jones, this time at Ilex Press discussing The Hunter and 500 Essential Cult Books: # A look at some noir comics: # Ron Goulart–The Saint in Junior High […]