Giveaway and contest: Cold Shot to the Heart

First off, I apologize for the lack of updates lately (I promised this contest last week!). Unfortunately, things are very busy right now so this state is likely to continue for a bit. Regular readers know I drop off for a few weeks every now and again and I’m always surprised and delighted […]

News for week ending 2011-01-29

100 Greatest Posters of Film Noir, 30-21: # Wallace Stroby reviews The Outfit director John Flynn's Rolling Thunder: #

Go! You Packers, Go!

Hail, hail, the gang’s all here to yell for you,

And keep you going in your winning ways,

Hail, hail, the gang’s all here to tell you, too,

That win or lose, we’ll always sing your praises Packers;

Go, you Packers, go and get ’em!

Go, you fighting fools, upset ’em!

Smash their […]

Hard Case Crime newsletter, 1/21/11

The latest…


Bit by bit, we’re getting closer to the re-launch of Hard Case Crime with our new publisher, Titan Books.?Our backlist titles are already available for pre-order from bookstores and online booksellers such as and; copies will start shipping in February.? And?we’ve got new books on the way, too — if you go to our Web site,, you’ll find cover art and sample chapters for four upcoming titles, all of them brand new:

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News for week ending 2011-01-22

100 Greatest Posters of Film Noir, 60-51: # I just learned that Joe Gores left us a few days ago. Rest in peace, Joe. # Nick at Existential Ennui is trying to track down information on Parker cover artist Stephen Hall: # A first-timer grapples with the character of Parker […]

Interview: Wallace Stroby

Wallace Stroby is the author of The Barbed-Wire Kiss, The Heartbreak Lounge, and Gone ’til November. His new novel, Cold Shot to the Heart, was released this week. The reviews are quite good.

Wallace was kind enough to answer some questions via e-mail about Cold Shot and other stuff. Enjoy.

Trent: Your previous […]

Another lost Westlake on its way!

Do not miss the January 10, 2011 SFFaudio podcast, featuring guest Charles Ardai. It’s loaded with great information on the future of Hard Case Crime, the Gabriel Hunt series of pulp adventure novels, and much more. Interviewer Jesse Willis is to be congratulated for getting tons of stuff not yet revealed in the […]

Review: Cold Shot to the Heart by Wallace Stroby

Professional thief Crissa Stone’s mentor and lover is locked away in Texas after a job gone wrong. He’s up for parole soon, and it’s possible that $250,000 under the table might aid in his early release. Crissa believes that if he isn’t out soon, he’ll die in prison. She needs the money, and […]

News for week ending 2011-01-15

SFFAudio podcast with guest Charles Ardai. Haven't listened to this yet, but looking forward to it: # Video for my brother's band squint's new track, "We All Break the Same." Getting some nice and deserved local airplay: # Noirboiled Notes on the first Quarry novel: # The Maltese Falcon is […]

News for week ending 2011-01-08

Friend of the site Wallace Stroby's excellent novel Gone 'til November now out in trade paperback: # Dave at the Donald Westlake Fan Blog reviews The Busy Body: # …and also The Fugitive Pigeon: # A brief review of The Ax at Noirboiled Notes: # Existential Ennui on the […]