Review: The Hot Rock by Donald Westlake

The Hot Rock began life as an attempt at a Parker novel:

One day in 1967 I was wearing my Richard Stark hat, looking for a story to tell about my man Parker, and I thought, he reacts badly to frustration, what if he had to steal the same thing four […]

News for week ending 2010-09-25

"Devotees of noir are a nasty bunch." # Bare Bones–Crime paperbacks you might have missed: # Win a signed French edition (with a different, very cool cover) of Darwyn Cooke's The Hunter! (But you better hurry!) […]

Review: Richard Stark’s Parker: Book Two–The Outfit by Darwyn Cooke

Update: This review is a first draft. The current version is here.

The sheer brutality of The Hunter was unsustainable for a series, and Richard Stark didn’t attempt it. Rather, he took the character and universe of The Hunter and used them for more complex tales of amorality. This isn’t to say that […]

Hard Case Crime 10/06: The Last Match by David Dodge (#25)


When a handsome swindler working the French Riviera meets a beautiful heiress on the beach at Cannes, sparks fly. But so do bullets – and soon he’s forced to […]

Announcing the winners of The Hunter giveaway!

The lucky winners of our drawing for brand-new copies of the University of Chicago Press reprint of The Hunter are:

Luke S. Craig C. David M. Stephen R.

Congratulations! I have e-mailed all of you. Get back to me with your mailing address and I’ll try to get them out this week.

Thank […]

News for week ending 2010-09-18

Comics Alliance–First images of Darwyn Cooke's The Outfit: # I haven't swiped all of these images yet, but I will eventually. Bear Alley–A Richard Stark cover gallery: # Deadly Edge is reviewed at Existential Ennui: # Andrew Klavan in WSJ on James Ellroy's latest memoir. # James R. at […]

The Hunter giveaway!

Thanks to the generosity of Parker flash fiction contest winner Matt Racicot, I have four, count ’em, four brand-spanking-new copies of the University of Chicago edition of The Hunter to give away.

Here’s the catch, and it’s based on the honor system–you must not already have a copy of The Hunter. […]

Are you ready for some football?

I’m far too backlogged on cover scans to post them all at once, so I dribble them out when I have an excuse.

Tonight’s excuse is Monday Night Football. I had a wonderful extended football weekend with both of my alma maters (Michigan, Texas) winning, and my three pro teams winning as well […]

Review: Impossibly Funky: A Cashiers du Cinemart Collection, edited by Mike White

Cashiers du Cinemart was my favorite magazine during its existence, and I devoured every issue I could get my hands on. Its pretension-bursting title was clever enough, but its contents were the real reward–each issue was packed cover-to-cover with a wild array of film-geek topics that for the most part lined up quite […]

News for week ending 2010-09-11

Added: iPod compatible (M4B) audio book of Westlake short story "The Risk Profession"/e59/?p=2809 # Badasses: #