The Outfit, large-print edition

Here’s a nifty new cover I just added, from a 1988 large-print edition of The Outfit. It’s now in the cover gallery. I’ve also somewhat revised my remarks on the book and I hope to revisit the film this week as well.

I’ve still got a ton of cool covers on my hard […]

News for week ending 2010-06-26

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo sets publishers looking for more Scandi noir: # WSJ–Time for Jim Thompson to Be Famous Again: #

News for week ending 2010-06-19

The 2010 Joe Shuster awards have been announced. Darwyn Cooke's The Hunter won best cover. #

Cashiers du Cinemart collection to include article on Parker

I discovered the great magazine Cashiers du Cinemart at Tower Records in Ann Arbor, and rediscovered it at a newstand/porn store in Austin about a year later. It quickly became my favorite magazine, because it obsessively covered many of my…um…obsessions while introducing me to new ones. Each issue was a wild ride through […]

U of C reprints: Plunder Squad

When these come out in September, all of the rare Parker novels save Butcher’s Moon will be in print, with that one to follow next year. Rejoice!

U of C reprints: Slayground

The forewords for this batch are by Charles Ardai, editor of Hard Case Crime and an accomplished crime fiction writer in his own right.

U of C reprints: Deadly Edge

I’ll have the cover art for Slayground and Plunder Squad in the coming days.

All three are scheduled for release September 1 (which likely means late August).

News for week ending 2010-06-12

The Darwyn Cooke Experience: # Andy at Grovel has a review of The Hot Rock comic book #

Review: Gone ’til November by Wallace Stroby

The two protagonists in Gone ’til November are survivors.

In small-town Florida, Deputy Sara Cross, despite making just about every wrong decision imaginable when it comes to her love life, is an absolute fighter when it comes to her cancer-stricken six-year-old son, Danny.

Meanwhile, in New Jersey, over-the-hill original gangsta Morgan is feeling […]

The Hot Rock comes to comics

Donald Westlake, writing as Richard Stark, was responsible for one of the best books of 2009 in Darwyn Cooke’s adaptation of Parker: The Hunter. The Hot Rock, first published by Casterman in France in 2008, is the darkly comic flipside to Parker; a story of a bungling con and an increasingly […]