News for week ending 2009-10-24

Jack Batten at the Toronto Star–Westlake is gone, long live Dortmunder: # Olman’s Fifty takes a look at The Man With the Getaway Face: #

Darwyn Cooke sketch available on eBay

The seller claims it’s from Parker, although I don’t see Parker in the sketch and don’t immediately recognize the scene. Pretty cool, anyway.

Bidding ends in three days. You can bid here.

Review: Blood’s a Rover by James Ellroy

It was probably a bad idea to pen a sequel to American Tabloid, but James Ellroy did it anyway and came up with another great one, The Cold Six Thousand.

It was probably a bad idea to add another book and make a trilogy (Underworld USA) out of it, but James Ellroy did […]

News for week ending 2009-10-17

Robert W. Butler at the Kansas City Star reviews the original version of The Stepfather: # Ed Gorman interviews Max Allan Collins about his character Quarry: # Muriel Dobbin at the Washington Times reviews Get Real (spoilers galore): # Mike Hale at NYT anticipates this weekend’s release of The Stepfather […]

Trailer for The Stepfather remake

This trailer for the completely unnecessary remake of the Westlake-written The Stepfather appropriately features a completely unnecessary cover of The Cars’ “Drive.”

If you’re planning on seeing this, be warned that the trailer seems to give away the entire film.

The Stepfather comes out on […]

News for week ending 2009-10-10

Quincy Jones' soundtrack to The Split (based on The Seventh) is available in a limited edition from Film Score Monthly: #

News for week ending 2009-10-03

Mike Knowles at Do Some Damage–The Stark Equation: # Craig Lindsey at the News Observer–Writing So Good, Larceny is Funny: # DVD Talk reviews horror gem The Stepfather, written by Westlake and Brian Garfield. Sure to be lousy remake coming soon: # DVD Talk reviews horror gem The Stepfather, written […]