The Harlequin Vintage Collection

Interesting news via Rara-Avis. Harlequin (the romance publisher) is reprinting some of their old crime novels with the original covers.

Unfortunately, more details are hard to come by. Here’s a list of the (first?) six titles from Amazon:

I’ll Bury My Dead by James Hadley Chase Virgin […]

News for week ending 2009-09-26

Bruce Grossman at Bookgasm takes a quick look at the movie version of Westlake’s The Busy Body: # Loren Eaton at I Saw Lightning Falls takes a look at The Man With the Getaway Face: # Levi Stahl at I’ve Been Reading Lately–Things I learned from Donald E. Westlake: […]

Review: The Cold Six Thousand by James Ellroy

James Ellroy’s sequel to American Tabloid, The Cold Six Thousand, has left more than a few readers frustrated. The style is a problem for many. As Ellroy says:

The style I developed for The Cold Six Thousand is a direct, shorter-rather-than-longer sentence style that’s declarative […]

News for week ending 2009-09-19

A pubic radio interview with Donald Westlake from 2003 about his novel Money for Nothing (registration required): # Craig Clarke at Somebody Dies reviews the Grofield novel Lemons Never Lie: # Film Score Monthly–soundtrack to The Bank Shot, based on the Dortmunder novel, is now available in a limited edition: […]

A look at Sacred Monster by Donald Westlake

Loren Eaton at I Saw Lightning Fall takes a look at the little known and atypical Westlake novel, Sacred Monster. (I haven’t read this one.)

When an author tries something new, fans often react with equal parts anticipation and fear. This is doubly true when said author has a […]

Parker in Germany

(German) (1975) front

I decided to spend a some time in my archives today. (“Archives” is my word for shamefully unposted stuff sent to me by readers some time ago.)

In addition to this great cover image from the German version of The Handle (thanks to Wallace Stroby), I am pleased to present the following information regarding the German translations of the Parker novels, courtesy of reader Manuel:

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News for week ending 2009-09-12

James S. Rich at DVD Talk highly recommends Made in USA: # Craig Clarke at Somebody Dies reviews Westlake’s 361: # Sarah Weinman–info via Lawrence Block about Memory & Westlake sex novel reprints. Note Max Alan Collins’ comment! # Josef Braun at Vue Weekly–Meet Parker: # Leondard Cassuto at […]

Some information on Mise à Sac (”Pillaged”)

Since beginning this site over a decade (!) ago, one Parker-related item has eluded me. That item is Mise à Sac (“Pillaged”), a French film based on The Score. So far as I’ve been able to tell, the movie has not been released on video in any format.

Information management

It’s been just over two weeks since I started my Twitter account, and so far I’m very pleased. It provides me with an easy way to share information with you without cluttering up the blog with things that may not interest you. I already think of it as a very important part […]

News for week ending 2009-09-05

A roundup of my Twitter posts. I’m hoping to do this each Sunday.

This first roundup contains the best of several months’ worth of stored items. From here on out, tweets should be less frequent and more current, although I’ll certainly alert you to interesting old stuff when I come […]