A look at Donald Westlake’s Humans

The United Provinces of Ivanlandia has a review of Donald Westlake’s Humans. I haven’t read this book yet.

It seems that God is fed up with humanity and He’s going to do something about it. Remember Agent Smith’s wonderfully creepy speech in The Matrix, where Smith compares […]

The Laughing Shadow

Don’t get your hopes up!

Comic book artist Francesco Francavilla pays tribute to two recently departed greats, Donald Westlake and frequent Shadow artist Edward D. Cartier, who left us on January 3rd at the age of 93, with his rendition of what the cover to a Shadow/Parker crossover might look like


An early Parker translation

A Google image search for The Man With the Getaway Face turned up the Pulpetti blog and the gem pictured above:

[This book] is what I believe the very first Westlake ever published in Sweden. This was published as #159 in the X-b?ckerna (The X Books) series […]


A new site will have its problems, especially if said site is created by me.

I just realized that the “Contact Me” link on the right sidebar was somehow eaten. I have restored it.

I can be e-mailed at trent@violentw.s424.sureserver.com.

Made in U.S.A. theatrical showings schedule

Feb 11 – 24 NEW YORK, NY? Film Forum Feb 20 – 28 BOSTON, MA? Museum of Fine Arts Feb 28, Mar 2 and 5 BALTIMORE, MD? Charles Theater Mar 27 – 31 NASHVILLE, TN? Belcourt Theatre Apr 1- 7 SAN FRANCISCO, CA? The Castro Theater Apr 10 – 11 CLEVELAND, OH? Cinematheque […]

A look at Anarchaos by Curt Clark (Donald Westlake)

James Reasoner at Rough Edges has a review of Donald Westlake’s only science fiction novel, Anarchaos.

Donald E. Westlake isn’t that well-known for his science fiction, but he wrote one SF novel, ANARCHAOS, published by Ace Books in 1967 under the pseudonym Curt Clark. I’ve heard this book described […]

“A Fine Godard Film Sees the Light”

2009 American release poster

Regular readers know I disagree with the title of this article.

Ty Burr from the Boston Globe on Made in U.S.A.:

As a movie it’s gorgeous, minor, and pivotal. The director extrapolated a detective plot from a Donald Westlake novel […]

Westlake’s The Cutie (The Mercenaries) reprinted

I’m not doing my job here!

Donald Westlake’s debut novel The Cutie (originally published as The Mercenaries) was released February 11th by Hard Case Crime. Sorry I didn’t notify you sooner. I knew it was coming but it snuck up on me.

I’m in the […]

New images in The Hunter cover gallery

I’ve added some new images to the image gallery for The Hunter, including the nifty German cover above that has absolutely nothing to do with the book. I’ve also upgraded images for a couple of covers that were already posted.

By the way, if you happen to speak German, […]

New images posted: U of C reprints 1-6 back covers

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Your special Valentine’s gift is images of the back covers to the University of Chicago Press reprints of The Hunter through The Jugger. They can be found in the respective cover image gallery for each book.

Thanks again to the University of Chicago Press.